TrafficX (TFX) token  sale

How to get TrafficX (TFX) tokens ?

Step 1.  (Create a wallet)

Create a wallet in the official Ethereum wallet or Mist wallet.

In the browser, download chrome extension "Metamask" and create a account.

After open your Ethereum wallet at :

Step 2.  Add TrafficX (TFX) tokens to your wallet

Open your Ethereum wallet at :

Go to your "Contracts"

Click on "Watch token"

Contract Address :



Add the contract address to the token address in "Watch token"

Now send ETH to the contract address to receive your TrafficX (TFX) tokensAddress : 0x32f43fb77f063e8bd1fce5cb04e8e6417feeda76

In some seconds you will receive your TrafficX (TFX) tokens

Send the Ether from : the official Ether wallet, Mist,, Metamask or myetherwallet

In the following video we explain step by step how to buy TrafficX tokens.

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