Roadmap of TrafficX


25th of July is the pre-sale.

ICO-sale starts on the 13th of September


We expect is the first beta launch end of November


End of Januari we expect the public launch of the TrafficX application


1st of April +100.00 users expected

Contract address


Send the ETH from the official Ether wallet, Mist,, Metamask or Myetherwallet not from any exchange. You will receive your TrafficX (TFX) tokens including a 20% bonus in your wallet within minutes.

000 days 00 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds

till the ICO-sale ends


Decentralised transport system

People should be able to travel anonymously and without the possibility of being tracked.

Payment systems

You will pay your transport per kilometer or miles in the digital currency you prefer (BTC, ETH and TFX).

Easiest way around

With only one tap on the screen you've ordered a ride home or to your work or another location. You will be able to see where the driver is

Nearby events

This cool feature shows you what is going on around you and you can go directly with our transport. E.g. a festival 10km away and the application automatically find you a driver and set the location.

Anywhere and anytime

If you want to get up early in the morning to go to the gym or need to catch a flight TrafficX will be there for you as well for the night if you need a ride home from your night out

Fair pricing for both parties

We think it's important both parties (drivers and customers) gain value out of our platform, therefor we make sure the pricing from both sides is fair and not under or overpaid

TrafficX Tokens (TFX)
Start Date: September 13, 2017 – 23:59:59 UTC
End Date: October 13, 2017 – 23:59:59 UTC

1 ETH = 150 TFX (ICO sale +20% = 180 TFX)

Hard cap : 10.000.000
Distribution : 3.000.000 in the pre-sale

Currencies accepted = ETH

TrafficX (TFX)

Why the decentralisation?
We want this platform available to every human being on this planet, no matter where they live. People should be able to use this platform without any data getting sold to third parties, as we concern about users privacy.

Our main goal is to offer a platform where drivers and people who need transport can connect in an anonymous way. Another benefit of this platform is providing more employability. People can work as many hours as they like to earn money.

The potential? Our platform will offer fulltime anonymous transport on a daily basis. In the near future we aim to expand with public transport. Decentralise all the transport.

Join the decentralisation of our daily transport

when purchasing TrafficX (TFX) tokens you agree with our terms and conditions